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VA Wine In My Pocket will change on Monday, 3 October!

This is it!  You've already heard the news: This web site is overdue for a change.  It is finally time!

A new web site will launch in the morning on Monday, 3 October 2016, right here at VAWineInMyPocket.com.

The new web site will have a fresh look and feel similar to the app and a number of new features, including allowing you to seamlessly share information across the app and website. To make this possible, a couple of things will change when you see the new web site:

  • Log in to the new web site using the same user name and password as you use in the App. Your old log in from this web site will not be recognized by the new site. If you have created an account using the app, use those credentials to log into the new web site. If you haven't yet established a new account, then you should plan to create one when the new website shows up on Monday. (This change is needed to support new features, including connecting your information between app and web site.)
  • Your information in this old site will NOT move to the new site. Before Monday, please take the time to copy and save whatever information you hope to retain from this old site. (We are sorry, but the requirements for new features and user accounts just would not allow us to move everything over.)

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